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Fall 2021/Winter 2022 Presence Mag

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Welcome to the website of the Sisters of St. Joseph who serve primarily in the Diocese of Buffalo, NY.

The Sisters of St. Joseph and Associates of the congregation are dedicated to lives of reflective prayer and active service. A changing world calls us to a wide variety of services, done in a variety of ways. Whether we’re in pastoral work, social services, education or other forms of service, we think of ourselves as working for our dear neighbor.

Sisters of St. Joseph are ordinary women who do ordinary things with an extraordinary vision. We believe deeply that the spirit we bring to our work is essential. The quality of our presence is the essence of our ministry.

Challenges of the new millennium summon us to a growing awareness that we live in the ever-expanding neighborhood of God’s sacred universe, to a deeper faithfulness to the Gospel of Jesus and to our rich tradition: Live with one desire only – to be what God desires you to be.

Our website is designed to share facts about our ministries, programs and services, We cordially invite visitors, especially those we have taught and served in past decades, to access information, reflections and resources that we hope will be meaningful as they pursue their own spiritual journeys.