girlsOur vision is based on the teaching of Jesus expressed in John 17: that all may be one. We work and pray for the union of neighbor with neighbor and neighbor with God. This creates a circle of relationships, which leads to a vision of community, human and non-human, in a whole Earth within a glorious universe.

If all is one, then violence, injustice, oppression, greed and hatred are not in the realm of thought and action. To harm another is to harm all – to harm oneself – and to lose sight of the God whose creative love sustains everything.

leadershipTo bring about this unity, Sisters of  Saint Joseph work individually and  together, joining with national and  international groups to alleviate the  conditions which cause poverty,  suffering and oppression. We raise our voices to proclaim a vision of unity in response to situations and conditions that threaten our life as a global community.

Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation
This group works with Sisters of St. Joseph and Associates to provide information and respond to local, national, and global peace and justice issues in keeping with:

  • Our mission “to live the reconciling, unifying mission of Jesus”
  • Our commitment “to confront violence in ourselves and in our society”
  • The social justice teachings of the Catholic Church
  • A deeper appreciation of the universe story and the care of Planet Earth

speakingSisters of St. Joseph actively support enactment of a national immigration policy that is just and comprehensive. Read the Sisters’ U.S. Federation’s public statement on immigration.

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